WALLET CO. is a specialist retailer of the most innovative and toughest wallets on the planet.

The wallet brands that we offer specialise in using advanced materials to create hard-wearing, practical and functional wallets and card holders that are as capable in the field as they are in the city.

A large percentage of our range of wallets and card holders is made using aerospace grade anodised aluminium which has many benefits.

Firstly, anodising is a widely used method of treatment for aluminium. The name comes from 'anodic oxidation', as the process was called back in the early days.

But what does anodising do and how does the process work? And where is anodised aluminium used?

Anodising is the name applied to a method of treatment specifically for aluminium in which an electrochemical process creates an oxide layer on the material. The oxide layer then forms to act as a protective layer on the surface of the aluminium. What is incredible but also unique during this process, is that no additional layer is applied to the aluminium during the anodising, the new additional later that appears is built up from within the existing aluminium. The new oxide layer is fully integrated within the material and forms a strong molecular compound.

So why is it beneficial to anodise aluminium?

The most important reason for anodising aluminium is because it protects the aluminium. Due to the process of anodising, corrosion resistance is enhanced and the metal will therefore retain its appearance for a longer period of time. Anodising forms a hard and wear-resistant layer over the aluminium at varying levels of thickness, recorded in microns, and this protects the underlying aluminium. Given the positive result of anodising aluminium, it makes the material an ideal and extremely durable solution for wallet and card holder manufacturing.

The oxide layer is not solely used just to improve resistance levels and increase protection of aluminium, it also has decorative benefits that allow the metal to take on a variety of colours, hence the vast range of colours available on aluminium wallets within our range.

Brands at WALLET CO. that manufacture aluminium wallets or produce wallets featuring aluminium finishes are as follows - 

- Dango
- Fantom
- Ögon
- Pacsafe
- The Ridge
- Thin King
- Wagner
- Walter

We recommend that anybody looking to buy aluminium wallets takes a look at the high number of products that we offer here at WALLET CO. given our recognised status as a leading aluminium wallets UK based stockist and supplier.

WALLET CO. is an Authorised UK Retailer of all wallets and accessories made by brands including Dango, Fantom, Ögon, Pacsafe, The Ridge, Thin King, Wagner and Walter.

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