The Fantom Titanium Money Clip is specifically designed to fit all Fantom Wallets in the range which are made up of three sizes - the F7, F10 and F13, each with a different card carrying capacity.

The money clip is an excellent addition to Fantom Wallets for owners needing to store some banknotes or gift receipts over and above their cards, you simply slot them under the firm titanium clip and hey presto, they are safe and secure until you need them.

The Fantom Money Clip is easy to install or remove, using only two small screws to firmly fix it in to position on either the front or the back of the wallet, whichever the user prefers.

Available in 4 anodised colours including black, blue, gold and purple, plus a natural silver finish, the money clip not only adds another feature to the Fantom Wallet, it also looks the part too.

How about gold on carbon fibre or natural on blue? Whichever combination you prefer, you are certain to appreciate the extra benefit of pairing a Fantom Money Clip with a Fantom Wallet.

WALLET CO. is an Authorised UK Retailer of all wallets and accessories in the Fantom range.



  • Brian Kane

    I’ve got this, super strong and excellent colour!

  • L. Thorne

    Great colour!

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