WALLET CO. is honoured to be an authorised UK distributor of Ridge Wallets within the UK. WALLET CO. stocks the complete range of Ridge Wallets including the following and incredibly popular ranges offered by the American brand:

- Aluminium Ridge Wallets
- Carbon Fibre Ridge Wallets
- Titanium Ridge Wallets
- Ridge Wallet Accessories

With a strong belief that people carry too much on a daily basis including bulky wallets as a permanent fixture of many people's daily carry, The Ridge was created with a focus on design, functionality and minimalism. 

Bulky wallets that are shoved into a back pocket and loaded with receipts while being crammed with other unnecessary items, are now a thing of the past.

The Ridge is a wallet that is minimalistic without compromising and limiting what it can hold - so you can carry less but always exactly what you need.

Starting out with a simple objective of designing and building a wallet that the founders actually wanted to use themselves, The Ridge was born and has ended up redefining what people carry every day.

A well thought out range by The Ridge covers popular materials, each with their own benefits, including aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium. Added to the material options are a choice between a cash strap or a money clip, both function equally as well as one another and most people will make their decision over which to go with, based purely on personal preference.

An extensive list of colours are available with more options for the aluminium model, including the ever popular black, gunmetal and raw finishes. The titanium line is available in black, gunmetal and burnt, which is hand torched and hardened during its finishing process, giving it a unique and striking finish.

The carbon fibre line is made using a 3K carbon fibre weave with an incredible matte finish.

So, why not ditch the bulky wallet today and order up a new Ridge Wallet - we guarantee you will never go back!



  • Martin Groves

    Excellent wallets by The Ridge, fast delivery on my order thanks to Wallet Co!

  • Gary

    Love The Ridge wallets – quality products!

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