The Ridge Titanium Money Clip Wallet (Burnt) is a special edition wallet with some true wow factor.

This incredible looking wallet by The Ridge is hand torched and hardened during a finishing process that gives it a 'burnt' effect along the top of the wallet on both its front and back sides.

As every wallet is torched by hand, the finish on every one is slightly different, therefore making each wallet special and unique in its own right.

Features of this masterpiece by The Ridge are its minimalistic design, ultra-slim profile, ability to carry up to 12 cards without stretching out, plus state-of-the-art RFID blocking plates that make it impossible for your personal data to be captured through wireless theft - an ongoing threat to people in highly crowded places such as cities or train platforms.

The wallet is also built to last having been made with grade 5 titanium front and back plates - a material with highly beneficial properties including its resistance to corrosion.

The Ridge supports each wallet in its comprehensive range with a lifetime warranty, therefore providing absolute peace of mind to all Ridge Wallet owners around the world.

WALLET CO. is an Authorised UK Retailer of all wallets and accessories in The Ridge range.

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  • Harry T

    A stunning wallet, my favourite in The Ridge range. Carbon looks good, but this edged it for me with its burnt finish.

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