The Ridge Wallets have proven to be one of the most popular brands that we stock at WALLET CO.

The Ridge has developed an impressive and equally appealing range of slim wallets and card holders that are all the same compact size with the same capacity in that they can each hold between 1 and 12 cards, however there are three types of finishes, each at different price points as follows:

The Ridge Aluminium Wallets (RRP £75.00) -
There are currently 9 colour options within The Ridge's Aluminium Wallet range which comprise of - 

- Black
- Gunmetal
- Navy
- Raw
- Desert Tan
- OD Green
- Gold
- Rose Gold
- Celeste

Data shows us that black and gunmetal are the most popular colours and are preferred by men, while navy and raw are also desirable options that are ordered on a regular basis, also by men, meanwhile the desert tan and OD green models are often purchased by military personnel as they integrate with army kit perfectly. Gold, rose gold and celeste were created to attract women owners with their softer shades and social media images show just how popular these have become since their launch into The Ridge's line up.

The Ridge Titanium Wallets (RRP £105.00) -
There are currently 3 colours within The Ridge's Titanium Wallet range which comprise of - 

- Black
- Gunmetal
- Burnt

Of the three colours, black and gunmetal are evenly matched, while the burnt option is the standout product within the group, given that it has a unique burnt effect across the top of the front and back plates, having been hand torched and hardened during its finishing process. Everybody likes a product that has wow factor and will become a talking point when seen by others, and The Ridge's creation of the burnt wallet achieves a high level of desirability perfectly.

The Ridge Carbon Fibre Wallets (RRP £115.00) -
There is currently 1 colour option within The Ridge's Carbon Fibre Wallet range which is -

- Black

We have seen other brands create multiple colours of carbon fibre wallets such as black, red and blue, however so far The Ridge has stuck with black only, given its popularity as a wallet colour. Despite only one colour being available in this range, the carbon fibre model in black is still available in two styles which are made up of cash strap and money clip.

It is the same for all other Ridge Wallets in the range, every single finish and colour is offered with both cash carrying options and both are a close match in terms of popularity and volumes sold. As the cash strap and money clip variants essentially achieve the same purpose of being able to safely and securely carry banknotes and receipts, it really comes down to personal preference as to which to choose.

WALLET CO. is proud to be the 'go to' website for anybody looking to buy Ridge Wallets in the UK and can offer the fastest delivery to anybody wishing to own a Ridge wallet living within the UK as we offer next day UK delivery and Saturday delivery on the full range.

WALLET CO. is an Authorised UK Retailer of all wallets and accessories in The Ridge range.


  • Kenny

    Awesome wallets, The Ridge is amazing and Wallet Co has them all available here in the UK which is perfect if you want one fast!

  • Nigel Wilkinson

    The best wallet brand ever, nothing more to add.

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